Congratulations to our first Contest Winner and Finalists!

The judges for our inaugural issue, Kim Bridgford and Pete Duval, have selected Vyasar Ganesan’s braided, nonfiction essay “VMG” as the winner of our first literature prize. VMG explores the origins of Vyasar Mamta Ganesan’s name through family heritage and lore.

The Judges’ “Honorable Mentions” include:

  • David Holper’s poem, “Listen to the Voice that Speaks within Your Heart”
  • Trace DePass’s poem, “When a thing becomes its opposite there are always sparks”

The Editors’ honorable mentions are:

  • Teresa Sutton’s nonfiction essay, “The Food Police”
  • Ernie Mancini’s lyrics, “Mending A Life”
  • Alan Dennis Harris’s “Dead Man’s Hat Collection
  • NC Weil’s “Longs Peak – Where I Touch Stone”

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