Summer 2017

Welcome to the first issue of our literary journal!


I Come From The World seeks to inspire, inform, and connect people around the world through truth- and story-telling. Our hope is to build an international community that is a safe space to gather on topics that touch us all, from the sustenance of our daily lives to the global issues that impact humanity.

Publishing Schedule

I Come From The World publishes both ongoing contributions at our web magazine, and an issue-based literary journal right here. The focus of our web magazine is on building community, and the focus of our literary journal is on digging deeper into our individual and collective truths.

Along the way we want to hear and share the joy of our daily lives—laughter, food, music, nature, children—the guiding lights that pull us forward regardless of our personal circumstances.

While our literary journal is currently closed for literature and contest entries, we invite you to join our growing community by submitting any other content any day of the year here.

Editorial Team

I Come From The World is edited by Lisa Calderone-Perrelli, founding editor of Mason’s Road, and co-produced with her husband Frank Perrelli, Jr., who coined the phrase one day while driving the couple over the Q bridge in New Haven. Our mission is generously supported by rotating guest judges for our scheduled contests, starting with Kim Bridgford and Pete Duval. Learn more and consider joining our editorial team here.


Who needs another literary journal? No one, really. Lit magazines are well known in the industry as labors of love. That’s how we are starting out, and, if our mission catches on, we may add a “Donate” button or some advertising at our .com address some time in the future. But for now, we ask only that you allow this effort to touch your heart however it does or does not, and share your favorite work with your neighbors, family and friends. Many thanks in advance.

I come from the world, don’t you?
I didn’t ask to be here, but by happenstance of birth, here I am.
I’m no more or less than you and am not entitled to
any more or less than you.
I cry. I smile. I laugh. I dream. I breathe.
While I’m here, I need the Earth, and the Earth needs me.
I am here but for a moment. And what a moment it is!

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